Language Classes FAQ

Facts & Figures

What is the minimum lesson time?

Minimum lesson times are in place to compensate for teacher travel time and costs.

Minimum lesson times vary according to travel time:

  • Skype / phone / Zoom / other online formats – 30 minutes
  • In person (for the majority on the Island of Montreal, depending on travel time) – 1.5 hours
  • In person (for select further afield locations on and near the Island of Montreal, depending on travel time) – 2 hours
  • In person (for most of West Island, East Montreal, Laval, South Shore, Repentigny, and more) – 3 hours

If you’re concerned that you cannot meet the minimum class time, please contact us to look at alternatives.

No additional profit is embedded in higher minimum callouts and distance rates. If you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to discuss it with you.

What are the class schedules?

Schedules are coordinated with each client or group on a case-by-case basis, subject to availability of student(s) and appropriate teacher. Tell us your ideal schedule and we’ll let you know if it’s possible! Please ask about the minimum callout for your location.

Lingo Mp3 Audio Lessons are available 24/7 and distance learning can facilitate complex scheduling.

Where can I take my classes?

In-person location options include our Outremont classroom, your workplace or home, or a local destination (neighbourhood café, library, park…). Distance classes are available by phone, Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams, according preference. Pursue your learning in the best place for you!*

Find out more about class locations & formats here.

*Due to COVID-19, the majority of classes have temporarily moved to online formats. See below for more information.

What is a flex hours bank?

This is a block of hours to use when a need arises, at your leisure, and/or as you see fit, based on teacher or translator availability. Flex hours are valid for 12 months from initial purchase.

For example: Buy a block of 10 hours and book occasional workshops to prepare for presentations, revise texts or emails, take ad-hoc grammar lessons, or whatever else strikes your fancy!

How do I start?

Understanding your needs is key – read about free tests or consultations here. When you’re ready, get in touch to chat!

How are language classes being delivered during COVID?

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the majority of classes have moved temporarily online. In-person classes are available in select cases, and subject to student and teacher comfort. If you feel you have a strong need to learn in person, please contact us to discuss your options.

Is there a discount if I buy more class hours?

We are not in a position to offer discounts for bulk class purchases – this is because the same time and effort goes into every hour of class time. Our teachers and program directors work as hard for 2 hours as for 40!

If you are on a budget, we offer Short Courses and Workshops, independent learning programs, or Mp3 Audio Lessons to suit any budget!

Additionally, we are happy to offer a small gift when you purchase 40 hours or more as single block – find out more here.

Can I pay week-to-week?

Generally no – class hours are purchasable in blocks to allow program directors to build a session strategy, set achievable goals, and maintain regularity of teacher availability . Additionally, as a small company we do not have the capacity to process weekly payments. If you have cash flow issues or believe week-to-week planning makes more sense for your particular situation, please contact us to discuss.

I’m interested in learning with a group – what options are available to me?

The majority of Lingo students learn in private or semi-private classes. If you wish to bring a partner, our private class rates include a second person at no extra charge! Higher rates apply for larger groups of friends, family or colleagues wishing to learn together. All group classes are formed subject to participants having adequately similar skills and goals.

Learning with Lingo

How does Lingo teach?

You will find each Lingo program to be clear, flexible and goal-centred. We focus on application of skills as well as formal knowledge acquisition. Our teachers adapt to each student’s personal objectives, language realities and vocabulary requirements to suit individual client needs and learning styles. Whether you prefer experimental or traditional approaches, interactive or formal programs – we’ve got you covered!

Meet a few of our coaches, consultants and teachers!

Find out more about our pedagogical approach and materials.

My needs are very specific, how customized are the programs?

Everything at Lingo is made to measure. We understand students might have already acquired skills that they do not wish to go over again in class. Some know their grammar by heart, but still can’t manage to speak in public. Others might be fluent, but totally confused when it comes to verb tenses. Some don’t care about pronunciation, others want to sound perfectly native!

If you struggle with learning, have anxiety about languages, or need to polish a highly specified work skill – just call us and we can design a solution for you!

See some of our specialized language learning programs: Pronunciation Coaching, “Unblocking”, Interview Practice, Business Programs and Ex-pat Relocation Services.

What will I learn in a Lingo program?

What’s in your program depends on you! During the free test or consultation, we’ll discuss your strengths and weaknesses and co-design a program. Our customized private and semi-private language courses cover a multitude of topics, skills and formats. Once we have established why you wish to learn a new language and how you will use it, we’ll adapt the course for you to get the most out of your time in class with us.

You can pick and choose the content. A balanced program would generally cover a range of skills such as vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure, verb tense usage, pronunciation, social skills, fluency and conversation, among others. We also offer plenty of specialized programs too – explore our website for Private Coaching, Corporate Training, and Language Testing options!

Find out more about our pedagogical approach and materials.

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