Pedagogical Approaches & Materials

Pedagogical Approaches & Materials

Creative and methodical. Multidisciplinary approach.

Pedagogical Approach

Lingo offers you balanced programs that target all the core language skills (oral and written; active and passive), but also specialises in focused programs such as pronunciation/accent coaching, “unblocking”, grammar clean-ups, business writing workshops, and more!

Our approach relies on a variety of disciplines such as psychology, social work, voice training, public speaking, NLP, linguistics, management coaching, research techniques, sports coaching, communications and translation to optimize the client experience and deliver results.  In our clients’ eyes, this wholistic educational approach is undoubtedly one of our most valued qualities.


Our teachers use a range of different materials to suit individual client needs and learning styles. This allows us to adapt to each student’s personal objectives, language realities and vocabulary requirements.

For instance, we might combine our LINGO custom Course Pack, with a dozen text book sources, online resources, real-life documentation, teacher’s own materials, etc.

Our in-house Lingo audio lessons (mp3 format) have been developed to support and complement programs. What’s more, interactive tools and activities are brought in, plus outings can be organized – all to encourage outside interaction with the target language and enhance the learning experience, both in and out of the classroom setting.


Our progressive level-based programs are communication-centric and the fruit of many years’ experience with a wide range of clientele and an equally wide range of learner styles. Our programs are fully adapted and customized to each client’s level and particular needs.

Lingo in-house custom materials include:

  • Vocabulary and expressions
  • Grammar and syntax
  • Conjugation
  • Pronunciation and accent
  • Business jargon and language standards
  • Writing and text correction
  • Conversations (guided or free)
  • Communication skills
  • Politeness and sophistication
  • Dictation and oral comprehension
  • Articles and reading aloud
  • Intercultural tips
  • Outings and role plays
  • Games and drills
  • Audio content

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