Services & Specializations

Services & Specializations

Go beyond the words, and translate the message


  • Standard translation: e.g. administrative and general documents
  • Specialized and semi-specialized translation: e.g. contracts, collective agreements, health, social sciences
  • Revision: e.g. correction, editing, proofreading, text optimization, text comparison
  • Consulting: e.g. expert opinions, terminology, word choice, research
  • Creative Services: e.g. cultural adaptation, localization, poetry, copywriting, marketing, slogans, titles, logos, styling, wording options, multiple versions
  • Audio/Video: e.g. subtitling, transcription and translation from video/audio sources

Methods & Values

Our translators take into account the underlying messages, target audience, cultural elements, company image or personal style of the writer, and can work collaboratively with clients to help establish brand image or vocabulary style. We like to develop long-term relationships in order to acquire an in-depth understanding of your operations and corporate language.

Areas of Experience

  • Marketing, Sales, Customer Service
  • Websites
  • Health & Social Services
  • Human Resources, OHS, OD, Policies & Training
  • Procedures
  • Business Contracts & Collective Agreements
  • Installation Guides & Operating Manuals
  • Administrative Documents & I.T.
  • Wine & Spirits
  • Tourism: Spas, Hotels & Restaurants
  • Psychology, Education & Philosophy
  • Psychoeducation & Human Factor Ergonomics
  • Cinema & Visual Effects
  • Scripts & Poetry
  • Cultural & Creative Domains
  • Horse Industry
  • Job Descriptions, CVs, Biographies

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  • Available languages: French, English, Spanish.
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