HR Services: Management & Reporting Options

HR Services: Management & Reporting Options

Seasoned education management professionals at your service.

Training Management Options

Do you need consulting, progress management, procedural, hiring or administrative support? We offer a range of services from $60 to $100 per hour.

Administrative Support

We are pleased to provide, upon request, a FULL-SERVICE approach to your corporate language training needs. Lingo managers are trained to provide administrative support to Human Resources including the preparation of custom enrolment forms, student listings, scheduling, satisfaction surveying, mid-session reporting, evaluation reports, special program creation, and so on. We can customize these services upon request to lighten your load.  Fees may apply for some of these services, others are included free of charge.

Consulting Services (education systems / motivation / progress)

We can offer strategies and consulting on training systems, logistics, progress enhancement, motivational enhancement, evaluation and measurement practices, along with expertise in in-house communication and policy set-up. We also offer unique educational support upon request, such as specialized material preparation, among others. Fees apply for most of these services.

Language Proficiency Tests for Hiring & Promotions

Evaluate employees on-track for promotions, as part of your performance review process, or potential candidates wishing to join your team.

  • Evaluation of English, Spanish or French for HR purposes
  • By telephone or online (15-45 minutes)
  • In person (30 min-2 hours)

All our testing services are customized based on your needs. Affordable pricing with rates as low as $50 per person.

Language Immersion Events & Motivational Campaigns

Learning a language is hard work and takes a good level of energy and commitment. Extra encouragement can go a long way! Watch students learn faster and truly enjoy it! We offer 3 such solutions to get the most out of your training efforts and create a buzz about being a great employer.

Emulate business networking or social environments. Let Lingo set up special events for second language learners in your workplace to practice networking or social skills with professional guidance to facilitate communications.

Let Lingo set up special award or recognition campaigns to encourage excellence amongst language class participants with target-based or attitude-based recognition.

Let Lingo coordinate “language-in-action” activities and get students out of the traditional classroom setting. Coordinate language exchange programs within your company, or plan targeted social outings for group classes.

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