Unblocking – Set yourself free!

Lose your inhibitions and leave your troubles behind you!

Do you feel blocked? Whether you’re feeling frustrated, unmotivated or low on confidence, we can help break through it now – learn the language while you unblock. Blocks often stem from a simple imbalance in language skills or language knowledge, from misconceptions, or undesirable past experiences. These can all be fixed!

These classes are offered for French, English, Spanish or other languages upon request.

Our motto: a block often indicates an underlying exceptional skill.

So, am I blocked?

Does this sound like you?

  • I can’t learn in groups because I learn differently.
  • My pronunciation is so bad that I refuse to speak or am too shy to open my mouth.
  • I understand but I cannot speak.
  • My wife/husband is far superior to me in their 2nd language.
  • My kids laugh at me and it discourages me.
  • Everyone around me is better or more bilingual. I have no hope of catching up.
  • Someone told me I was bad at learning/school when I was a kid. I believe(d) them.
  • Someone told me I had a hearing or speech problem when I was a kid. It still bothers me.
  • I panic when in groups or when people start speaking fast, and completely lose track.
  • I have anxiety or social anxiety about a language.
  • I am a fast learner who gets impatient and frustrated with the process.
  • I am very operational but have trouble applying subtleties, nuance and detail.
  • I am a perfectionist and I hate being a beginner at anything.
  • I feel excessive pressure from external forces to perform in a language.
  • I think I’m bad at languages or too old.
  • I have no memory when it comes to languages.
  • I cannot understand grammar – it evades me completely and I feel lost.
  • I lack motivation and interest, I just find it boring and long, but I need it.
  • I feel confused and stuck because of previous languages I’ve learned.
  • I am an immigrant and I feel I am disadvantaged or misjudged in my skill level. 
  • I second-guess myself to the point of stalling and stuttering, then I give up.

Do you recognize yourself here? If so, you may greatly benefit from a learning consultation or a special approach as described below.

Now what do I do?

Blocked people sometimes do not believe they can learn. We can prove that is incorrect. With proper coaching and profiling, learners have a much clearer view of their own learning profile, and are able to manage themselves accordingly, integrate groups without panicking or feeling frustrated, or go back to self-guided learning!

A consultation with a senior teacher or program director can include:

  • How to compensate (short term) or get passed blocks (long term)
  • Blocking of detrimental or irrelevant behaviours in language learning
  • Dialogue about any misconceptions, perceptions and clarity
  • Optimal acquisition methods and good learning habits for your profile
  • In-depth level assessment, language block survey and needs analysis
  • Guidelines on achieving bilingualism and overcoming blocks
  • Consultation on what to expect during the learning curve and process

Popular Unblocking Formats

Below are some of our more popular packages – but that’s not all! We can customize any program to suit your budget and goals! Read more about our pricing.

The Cost*The Program & Details
Short learning consultation
3 hrs $210*
Learn a little French, Spanish or English while identifying blocks and solutions
1. Survey, language performance test, mini-lessons, gap profile
2. Corrections from test, quick advice, tips on moving forward
3. Realistic expectations (short & long-term)
Longer learning consultation
5 hrs $350*
Learn a unit or two of French, Spanish or English while identifying blocks and solutions
1. Survey, performance test, multiple mini-lessons, gap profile
2. Corrections from test, in-depth advice, tips on moving forward      
3. Discuss strengths & weaknesses in profile, compensating, balancing and learning off-profile when needed
4. Realistic expectations (short & long-term)
Intensive learning consultation
10 hrs $700*
Learn several units of French, Spanish or English while identifying blocks and solutions
As above (#1,2,3,4) with greater time dedicated to developing new habits & learning much more material
Full session unblocking – Special Program.
30-40 hrs $2100-$3000*
Improve a full level in 30-40 hours!
Take a standard session of 30+ hours for a full level of progress. Leverage strengths to abolish weaknesses. By mid-session, blocks begin to fade, and eventually will substantially decrease or entirely disappear.

*Quoted rates apply to the majority of Montreal (in-person) and all online/remote classes. Slightly higher rates apply to some locations. Minimum call-out times (in-person) vary per location. Remote classes are available by phone, Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams, among others, according to student preference. **English and French lessons are tax-free. Regular taxes apply to Spanish and other foreign languages.

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