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Rates & Locations 2024-2026

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In-Person Support: Montreal & suburbs, Laurentians; Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City and others upon request. Minimum lesson times vary according to travel time.

Distance Support: available by telephone, e-mail, videoconference (Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, Messenger, etc.), or your own platform (Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Skype for Business, etc.).

Services sold in Canada, the United States, Australia, China, Europe, and Central America.


Available languages: French, English, Spanish.

Upon request: Italian, German, Mandarin, among others.

Class Rates 2024-2026

All-inclusive rates: no hidden enrolment fees, material fees or placement test fees to pay!

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Private & semi-private classes – 1 to 2 students: Montreal & online$70/hr*Including: distance classes via phone, video call, Skype, Zoom, etc; in person for the majority on the Island of Montreal (depending on travel time).
Private & semi-private classes – 1 to 2 students: MTL further afield$78/hr*Including: in person for further afield locations on the Island of Montreal.
Private & semi-private classes – 1 to 2 students: MTL off-island suburbs$80/hr*Including: Laval, South Shore, Repentigny, and more.
Private & semi-private classes – 1 to 2 students: distance locationsFrom $85/hr*Including: Laurentians and more. Ask us for a custom quote!
Groups – 3 to 8 students: Montreal, suburbs & online$75/hr to $95/hr*Including: distance classes via video call, Skype, Zoom, etc; in person for Montreal and off-island suburbs. Distance locations from $80/hr (call for quote).
Specialized coursesFrom $85/hr*Specialized approach, specialized industry vocabulary, high flexibility program, and more.
Mp3 audio lessons (independent study or with support)$25 to $250Add an optional follow-up with a teacher for an additional $30 to $300
Administrative support services (optional)
From $60/hr Registration management, communications, reporting and more.
Language TestingFrom $50 For staff development & recruitment purposes

*No taxes on Canadian Official Language training (English/French). Taxes applicable for all other languages (Spanish, etc.) and services. Minimum call-out times (in-person) vary per location.

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