360° Personal Diagnostic

360° Personal Diagnostic

Find the right path to personal success

Looking for a more rigorous testing process with strategies, tips and a detailed feedback session? Do you have questions about precisely what’s holding you back? Want to know exactly where you stand on strengths and weaknesses and how to improve your language skills to reach your goals effectively?

During a diagnostic session together, we identify any strengths, weaknesses and gaps in language and communications skills; then provide missing knowledge through express lessons, references, educational tips and memory strategies.

Is this right for me?

If you are a perfectionist, strategic thinker, big-picture person, high-achiever or independent learner, an in-depth profile may benefit you more and get you started on the right foot with a more comprehensive skill profile and feedback approach. Also suited to people who feel stuck and need trouble-shooting.

Ideal for career transitions, independent and self-directed study, strategic and big-picture learners, busy professionals who can’t attend a weekly class, detail-oriented individuals and new immigrants.

For Businesses

Need a more strategic approach to language development within your organization?

Make sure your managers, directors and technical staff know where they stand on strengths and weaknesses and how to improve their language skills. Try our 360° Personal Language Diagnostics session.

A thoughtful onboarding gift for new hires and new arrivals!

The $350 Package

Starting at only $350**, the most popular 360° Diagnostic Package comprises a 3-hour session with a qualified evaluator – each customer gets an in-depth testing session, language instruction on a few priority skills, a full written report, a self-guided program to follow, and a FREE audio lesson to practice one of the core skills.

Schedule options**:  2 x 1.5hr sessions or 1 x 3hr session. Go ahead and book it now!

Additional audio lessons @ $25 each. Extra practice session or Master Class from $105**.

**Price and duration of session may vary depending on location. Service also available online by Skype, Zoom, etc.

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