English Phrasal Verbs Quiz

English Phrasal Verbs

Find a synonym to replace the expression between the " ".

1. That new product is really "taking off" !
2. We’ve had to "put up with" a lot of last-minute changes.
3. The neighbours "get along" with each other.
4. The changes aren’t "showing up".
5. They "came up with" a plan, and I think it’ll work.
6. I’d like to "point out" the new features we added.
7. I just can’t get the printer to work. I’m "fed up" with it!
8. She still hasn’t booked because she can’t "make up her mind".
9. They’re going to "put off" the meeting again.
10. We "carried out" that survey last spring.
English Phrasal Verbs
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